Corporate Social Responsibility

At SBL we believe that it is our responsibility to take care of social, cultural and environmental matters which are close to our hearts.

The firm has been supporting organizations by donations and active participation, such as NGO’s or ‘’SERET’’, a foundation for the promotion of Israeli films internationally, and other charities.

Our partners are involved in active volunteering with various other NGO’s like ‘’Taatzumot’’, a foundation supporting cancer patients and their families, and ‘’Road to recovery’’, a foundation providing Palestinian children access to hospitals for life-saving treatments.

It is our belief that any business enterprise profiting from its activities has a duty to support vulnerable elements of the society it operates in. Supporting and championing such causes is also very gratifying.


One of the projects we are proud to share is our support of Indigenous people via the Treesistance.  Most recently financing  the formation of a group of Indigenous Forest Guardians in the Brazilian Amazon, who defend their ancestral territory from illegal activity and are patrolling one of the most biodiverse and under threat regions in the world.


Treesistance’s mission is to transform attitudes towards climate action and inspire systemic change. Their objective is to revolutionize how we interact with the natural world and approach environmental conservation. At the heart of its platform is an “access to justice” model based on the latest criminology research and crime science strategies in partnership with Indigenous leaders. Their successful blueprint for stopping forest crime and deforestation in the Amazon has been peer-reviewed and featured in the latest UN module on Forest & Fauna (2021). This remarkable model is based on three pillars: the demarcation of territories and land rights claims, the creation of teams of Forest Guardians to protect their territories, and the development of trusted relationships with law enforcement to ensure prompt and effective action is taken.

We invite you to join us in supporting the Treesistance and the Indigenous Forest Guardians. Read more here